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Simple design and carefully selected handles, which are at the same time a perfectly balanced, subtle decoration, mean that when looking at the Bologna collection, we see elegant, yet functional and capacious bathroom furniture.

In combination with black, matt handles, it creates a tasteful and pleasant combination, but it is also possible to choose another variant of the handle, which is available in two additional options: gold and chrome.

glossy white- high-gloss varnished plate in flawless white, perfectly matching the classic shade of white bathroom ceramics.

HETTICH ATIR- high-quality Inno Tech Atira drawer system with Quadro V6 Silent System runner.

HANDLE HANDLE- open your piece of furniture through a handy and ergonomic handle.

FACTORY ASSEMBLED- the highest quality furniture factory-assembled by specialized carpenters.


M-WHITE- the white, magical interior of the furniture is the perfect choice for people who value elegance

combined with simplicity. White is the color of purity, freedom and positive emotions.


The price applies to the cabinet without the sink and faucet. These are available in the shop.

Bologna 80

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