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Simple design and carefully selected handles, which are at the same time a perfectly balanced, subtle decoration, mean that when looking at the Bologna collection, we see elegant, yet functional and capacious bathroom furniture.

In combination with black, matt handles, it creates a tasteful and pleasant combination, but it is also possible to choose another variant of the handle, which is available in two additional options: gold and chrome.

halifax oak -brand furniture boardEggerin technologyFeelwood Riftperfectreflecting the aesthetics of wood in the color of elegant oak with expressive rings and cracks.

HETTICH ATIR- high-quality Inno Tech Atira drawer system with Quadro V6 Silent System runner.


EGGER FEELWOOD RIFT TOP- high-quality Egger Feelwood worktop with a unique look and feel similar to veneer or solid wood.

HANDLE HANDLE- open your piece of furniture through a handy and ergonomic handle.

FACTORY ASSEMBLED- the highest quality furniture factory-assembled by specialized carpenters.


The price applies to the cabinet without the sink and faucet. These are available in the store.

Bologna 80 Halifax

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