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It is characterized by a modern design and lightness of shapes while maintaining
maximum drawer capacity. Handleless fronts with a U-type milling cutter
they work well in any interior - users praise them mainly because of the
minimalistic design and ergonomics of use.

The series is compatible with a wide range of M-Smart modules, which can be freely combined, thus gaining unlimited arrangement possibilities in the interior of the bathroom.

GLOSSY WHITE- high-gloss varnished plate in flawless white, perfectly matching the classic shade of white bathroom ceramics.

HETTICH ATIR- high-quality Inno Tech Atira drawer system with Quadro V6 Silent System runner.

HANDLE HANDLE- open your piece of furniture through a handy and ergonomic handle.

FACTORY ASSEMBLED- the highest quality furniture factory-assembled by specialized carpenters.


The price applies to the cabinet without the sink and faucet. These are available in the shop.

Empoli 60 White Gloss

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